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Adding a New Dimension to Our Honing Solutions – ABE 12045

30 Jun, 2023

This is our one of the milestones for making SINGLE SPINDLE VERTICAL EXPANSION HONING MACHINE of Honing length 600 mm specially made for TUBE component used for Automobile cabin lift purpose. The result is reduced noise, improved torque transmission and improved vehicle performance for weightlifting process.

ABE12045 Machine:

The entire machine is ergonomically designed for user friendly operation for easily accessible work Area from the front side. The machine base and column are manufactured from high quality cast iron, especially Stress Relieved and precision machined to ensure deformation -free performance, year after year.

All slideways are lubricated by a centralized lubrication system thereby providing extremely smooth movement and maximum wear resistance.

Our Unique Features:

We are best at choosing right parts to construct a machine.

Motion control: All the movements reciprocating, rotation and expansion are automatically operated by servo motors, this provides high accuracy, convenient operation and greatly upgrades productivity, It allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. Also, it is excellent for mass production as well as small quantity, flexible work piece honing. Inbuilt Adjustable Stroke Limit. while you can change the RPM without affecting the torque, So the material removal rate remains the same.

High precision Ball Screw & LM Rail: used for stroker reciprocation movement. High precision ground and preload ball screws used for expansion operation. high precision LM Guideways used for Stroking.

HMI Panel Display: we used 7-inch user friendly display, you can just change the numeric input to vary the operating parameters and dimensional parameters. No need skilled operator to operate the machine.

Paper Band Coolant Mechanism System: An automatic coolant mechanism having Tank Capacity 450L with 100LPM flow rate is attached to ensure smooth flow of as recommended during Honing operation. The system can filter the used and discharged coolant within 5 microns and auto feeding paper roll filter. This will facilitate the flow of clean coolant oil to achieve a scratch free honed surface.

Coolant mechanism is integrated with the system 3 axis motion controls. Hence, the rate and time of coolant pumping can be controlled through Programming.

Magnetic Separator: A Magnetic separator will Filter the metal particles and its capacity 60 LPM.

Chiller Unit: Our Branded Chiller unit Will maintain the coolant oil 20°- 22° Celsius in continuous production. Ensures that job accuracy / temperature maintaining/ continuous running of the machine.

ABE12045 Specification:

The total size of the machine can vary depending on the specific mode. The machine is suitable for the Diameter range of 20 mm to 45 mm. The wide of honing length is 600 mm . The spindle speed is up to 5 – 2000 rpm, Spindle feed is up to 30000 mm/min & Total size of the machine is 2900mm X 3000mm X 3500mm (L * w* H)


Operator Safety has given us much importance. The machine is provided with adequate safety features and manual overcontrols which can be used when necessary. Low noise below 70 dB because completely servo controlled driven system. There are 20 types of alarms were infused with the program to alert the operators.

Custom Specified Honing Tools:

For this tube component we designed Expansion type tool to achieve 0.2 Ra surface finish. The rotation and reciprocation of the honing tool are accomplished Servo controlled. To control and balance runout in a tool, floating type tool holders with high accuracy can be used. These tool holders are designed to correct axial errors and compensate for machine feed and tap pitch variance, as well as misalignment between the tap and workpiece.

Honing is essential for the proper functioning of parts. This process provides a smooth surface finish, prevents wear longer and prolongs the lifespan of a part. We commit ourselves to quality and customer satisfaction.

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