5 Spindle Single Pass Vertical Honing Machine

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5 Spindle Single Pass Vertical Honing Machine – AB506 F-Series

Vertical Honing Machine for Sale - Get Latest Price of Power Stroked Vertical Honing Machine along with Honing Tools, Honing Fixtures and all spares under one roof.Honing Machine designed to eliminate all the manual controls which are considered to be a trend setter in Honing Industry. Abhi with its over all expertise for more than 24 years has made a revolutionary product of AB506 F-SERIES Model Honing Machine.

This Honing Machine is designed and Engineered to enhance the operator productivity. These type of Vertical Honing Machines are suited for quick changeover for medium to High Volume of Production without any manual controls which is the latest technology.

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Technical Specifications

Spindle motor
No. Of Spindles5
Rotary Indexing Table
No of Indexing Stations6
Servo Controlled Z – Axis Stroke with automatic Counter balancing pneumatic cylinders
Special floating Fixture
Lubrication System Auto Lubrication
Machine Controller PLC [Absolute encoder]
Max. Weight [Approx.] 3000kg
Floor SPACE [Approx.]2400 X 3800 X 2850mm [LxBxH] (Including Filtration System)

Standard Equipment Provided with Machine

  • a. Indexing Rotary Table with 6 stations
  • b. PLC Controlled Automatic Lubrication for LM guides & Ball screws
  • c. High Precision Spindle for smooth running
  • d. Inbuilt Adjustable Stroke Limit

Spindle and Stations arrangement for 5 Spindle and 6 Stations cycle

  • a. Spindle 1 – Brushing
  • b. Spindle 2 – Rough Tool
  • c. Spindle 3 – Semi Rough Tool
  • d. Spindle 4 – Semi Finish Tool
  • e. Spindle 5 – Finish Tool


Machine will be with 5 spindles and 6 Stations. Out of 6 Stations 1 will be for Brushing of components & another 1 will be for loading and unloading of components and remaining 4 spindles for Honing.

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