Single Spindle Vertical Expansion Honing Machine

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Single Spindle Vertical Expansion Honing machine – ABE12065

Vertical Expansion Honing Machine for Sale - Get Latest Price of Power Stroked Expansion Vertical Honing Machine along with Honing Tools, Honing Fixtures and all spares under one roof. Honing Machine designed to eliminate all the manual controls which are considered to be a trend setter in Honing Industry. Honing Machine designed to eliminate all the manual controls which are considered to be a trend setter in Honing Industry. Abhi with its over all expertise for more than 24 years has made a revolutionary product of ABE12065 Model Honing Machine.

This Honing Machine is designed and Engineered to enhance the operator productivity. These type of Vertical Honing Machines are suited for quick changeover for medium to High Volume of Production without any manual controls which is the latest technology.

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Technical Specifications

Diameter Range Dia 20 to Dia 65 mm
Maximum Workpiece Dimensions300mm Length
Carriage Travel800 mm
Stroker SpeedUpto 3000mm/min
Spindle Motor Torque15 Nm
Spindle Speed 50 – 750 RPM
Column Torque Motor 15 Nm
Spindle DriveBelt Drive
Z Axis SlideServo Controlled Feed Centralized Auto Lubrication System
Machine ControllerPLC with Latest Upgraded Software
Coolant Sump PumpSeparate Coolant Filtration System
Floor Space 2000X2000X3000 (LXBXH) (Including Coolant Filtration System)
Pneumatic Requirements Optional
Electrical Requirements415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase


a. Diameter range, length range and workpiece weight & Dimensions are contingent on workpiece application.

b. No of Spindles & Stations are contingent based on the stock removal and out parameters of Honing.

Customize Abhi’s Vertical Expansion Honing Machine

In order to meet your exact requirements, Abhi’s high-precision honing machines with very high accuracies can be supplied anywhere in the world. The products are reliable, durable and flexible Honing systems designed to deliver the production quality and precision to our customers.

Abhi’s commitment to service and quality assurance. Is in such a way that our technical team will work with you in determining the number of Spindles, type of tooling, fixtures, abrasives, in-process and/or post-process gaging and method of loading and unloading the workpiece (including Robotics) if customer require.

After which a written proposal will be sent to you. When your system is built, we’ll set up a live run-off/prove out at our facility. Once all specifications are met, we’ll commission your system and train our customer.

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