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Horizontal Honing Machine – Model : ABH1000

Horizontal Honing Machine for Sale - Get Latest Price of Power Stroked Expansion Horizontal Honing Machine along with Honing Tools, Honing Fixtures and all spares under one roof. Honing Machine designed to eliminate all the manual controls which are considered to be a trend setter in Honing Industry. Abhi with its over all expertise for more than 24 years has made a revolutionary product of ABH – 1000 Model Honing Machine.

These type of Horizontal Honing Machines are suited for quick changeover for medium to High Volume of Production without any manual controls which is the latest technology.

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Controller Features

a. An Advanced Controller is used for its user friendliness and available globally.
b. Large HMI (Human Machine Interface) Color display
c. User friendly touch screens which can be operated even by an inexperienced presetting the Tool
d. Safe setup switch and safe speed limits ensure operator safely.
e. Convenient cycle start buttons.
f. Other standard control system include infinite setups saving options, stone diagnostics, cycle dwell, short stroking, part counter and load meter.
g. USB Ports for data backups
h. It has been designed for easy initial setup, Operator friendly with its assured capability, increased reliability and easy Maintainability.

Features Includes

a. This Horizontal Honing Machine is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a latest software version.
b. All the parameters can be varied by the latest HMI
c. To protect the environment, No need to print the setup sheets instead it is all saved and retrieved through HMI
d. High Precision ball screw rod and LM (Linear Motion) guideways are used.
e. The Wider Stroker has a removable fixture mounting plate for all current standard fixtures for custom fixturing additional blank plates can be ordered.

Optional Features

  • a. Automatic tool adjustment arrangements
  • b. Magnetic separator for coolant filtration unit.

Standard Features

  • a. To achieve the consistency and to get predictable performance, a digital servo with linear hybrid tool feed & cutting pressure is used.
  • b. A standard rear mounted large capacity electrical enclosure is provide with all standard electrical items, which is available globally.
  • c. A generous ergonomic work area.
  • d. New, easy to maintain standard cartridge type coolant filtration system with 120L capacity and is equipped with quick disconnect line and a level gage, it removes from the front on easy to roll casters.

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