Multipass / Expansion Honing Tools

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Multipass / Expansion Honing Tools

Multi Pass / Expansion Honing is known as the abrasives that are coated on the rectangular surface called the honing sticks and these sticks are assembled in such a way that it can expand and retract based on the stock removal through which the material is removed. In some cases the no of sticks in each tools may vary based on the requirements. The hone process was developed to achieve the perfection in bore geometry, size control, surface finish and surface structuring.

The honing process provides the final sizing and creates the desired finish pattern on the inner bores. Finishing is accomplished by expanding abrasive stones or sleeves of suitable grit and grade against the working surface.

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a. Suitable for through bores, Blind bores and key way components with or without Undercuts.
b. Stock removal range 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm.
c. Expansion stones consists of Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide (Conventional Stone), CBN and Diamond stones (Super abrasives).
d. These type of tools can produce the required Hatch Pattern in the components consistently
e. These type of tools has the guaranteed tool life which can achieve a very less cost per components with consistent results in the output.
f. Expansion honing available with single stone cutting tool, four stone cutting tool, six stone cutting tool and Eight stone cutting tools are available based on the customer applications.

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