Application of Honing in the Automobile Industry

Application of Honing in the Automobile Industry

21 Dec, 2022

Automobile Industry is an industry that influences the country and the global economy. It is impossible to think of a world without automobiles. Honing machines play an important role in the manufacturing of automobiles.

Growth of the Automobile industry

Passenger and commercial vehicles are considered a commodity. The global automobile industry market is growing at a CAGR of 4.5%. The numbers are expected to increase in the coming future.

There are many players in this industry, but only a few are recognised and renowned as the best car manufacturers in their respective markets. The economy and premium range vehicles have their niche of customers.

Looking at the broader perspective, every customer looks for engine performance and reliability in the long run.

New Launches and Failures

Every year, the most industrial player launches their new models in the market. The exterior drawings of the automobile attract the eyes, but the mind always stays on the performance of the car.

It is evaluated on the engine performance, crash test and much more features.

The pre-bookings of certain model passenger vehicles created an impact in the market, but after a few months of the launch, when a car hit on the road, tells you a different story.

The assurance promised by the manufacturer on the performance of a car doesn’t go with the actual output. Engine failure is one of the main reasons for vehicle results failure.

The Importance of a Detailed Plan

CAD Drawings are the basis for developing a new car model. The detailed planning of parts engineered in the vehicle is uplifted from a prototype to the end product.

Success or failure is secondary, but what comes first is how the drawings are drafted and what type of machining is chosen to fabricate the parts.

Planning becomes very crucial when it comes to drafting a plan for important parts of the automobile. It greatly does.

The performance of a car is determined by the cumulative performance of each part. Thus, even a small dimensional screw can make the car manufacturer go into an uptrend or downtrend.

The successful launch of a product has to be rated successful in different dimensional aspects. The rebound of a brand from a failure takes a long time.

Also, automobile brands undergo a loss in brand equity if the failure is majorly due to engine failure and performance.

Preference for Honing Machining

Though CNC Automotives are in the existence to manufacture car parts, honing machines have created their own space in the manufacturing methods. The rise of honing is due to the precision they enable in the end product.

Technically, the automobile industry highly accounts for the utilization of high-precision works. It is, therefore, that each part of the vehicle has to be fabricated with greater precision.

The manufacturing of the engine as a single unit comprises multiple components assembled to function as a single holistic unit.

Compared to CNC Automotives, Honing machines outperform to produce precision parts. Adding to precision, the expansion or drilling of holes in the bore can be done with higher accuracy.

Some of the important automobile parts are very tough to fabricate. CNC machines have certain limitations and can not be applied to manufacture critical parts.

At the same time, Honing machines can produce perfection. The varying dimensions of the automobile parts are not a concern when it comes to Honing.


Tolerance is a permissible limit that supports the function without any dip in the overall operation.

Unlike other industries, automobile manufacturers are very cautious about the tolerance limit. In other words, the efficiency of precision work is defined by the tolerance in a workpiece.

Honing machining process is greatly known for manufacturing the piece with a very minimum tolerance of 0.001

The tolerance produced from honing operations attracted the attention of the automotive industry.

Engine Blocks

For any type of vehicle, the engine is the most important part. The outcome of the final product is decided based on the engine. The importance of manufacturing an engine is so high and there are no compromises made on it.

When the engine performance marks are below the benchmark, it is added to scrap. Also, the losses are heavy. Due to these critical factors and concerns, engine blocks are manufactured with honing.

Engine block enables the primary operations linked with other associated performances such as pistons, gearbox, and connecting rods in the automobile. These mentioned parts decide the cumulative performance of an engine.

Hence, Honing machining is preferred in the production of pistons, gears, and connecting rods.

The Bottom Line

Honing is the most preferred machining technology to manufacture high-precision automobile parts with very minimum tolerance. The application of honing is greater and is creating an impact in the automobile industry beyond the predictions and expectations. If you’re on the lookout for honing machines, Abhi Fine Products delivers you the best honing machines particularly designed for automobiles. To know more information, please visit Abhi Fine Products.

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