Introducing Our Latest Diamond Step Bore
                     Tools for Enhanced Precision

Introducing Our Latest: Diamond Step Bore Tools for Enhanced Precision

18 May, 2024

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Diamond Step Bore Tools

We're excited to introduce our latest breakthrough: the "Diamond Step Bore Tools," part of our Single Pass Honing Machine, the AB 608.

The Single Pass Honing Machine is a machine that makes honing faster. Instead of doing it multiple times, it gets the job done in one go, saving time, and making things easier. It's good at making sure the holes are the right size, shape, and smoothness.

The Diamond Step Bore Tools are special tools used with the machine. They can work on two holes at once, making sure they're perfectly aligned. When used with other tools, they make the holes even better in terms of shape and smoothness. These tools are handy for working on different kinds of materials, whether they're soft or hard.

Our Remarkable Properties

Simultaneous Processing of Two Concentric Diameters: Our step bore tools are designed to handle two different diameters at the same time. This means that during the machining process, two bores can be worked on simultaneously, increasing efficiency and reducing production time.

Improved Concentricity Between Bores : By utilizing our step bore tools, the concentricity between bores is enhanced. Concentricity refers to the alignment of the axes of two or more cylindrical surfaces, and improved concentricity ensures better alignment and accuracy between the bores.

Complementary with Blind Bore and Step Bore Tools : When our step bore tools are used in conjunction with blind bore and step bore tools, they synergize to achieve superior geometry and surface finish. Blind bore tools are used for machining closed end bore, while step bore tools are used for creating bores with varying diameters. Together, these tools work harmoniously to enhance the overall machining process.

Size 15.30+0.011 16.00+0.011 15.306 16.004
Honing Length 3 & 97
No of Spindle 6 Nos
Cycle time 40 Sec
Cylindricity - 0.005 - 0.003
Total Runout 0.005 - 0.003 -
Surface Finish 0.4 Ra 0.3 Ra

Size: The required size for the bore is 15.30 millimeters with a tolerance of ±0.011 millimeters. The achieved size during honing was 16.00 millimeters with the same tolerance. The actual achieved sizes were 15.306 millimeters and 16.004 millimeters, respectively.

Honing Length: The honing process was conducted for a length of 3 millimeters and 97 millimeters.

Number of Spindle: The machining setup utilized 6 spindles.

Cycle Time:The total time taken for one complete machining cycle was 40 seconds.

Cylindricity: Cylindricity refers to how closely the shape of the bore matches a perfect cylinder. The required specification for cylindricity was not provided (-), but the achieved cylindricity during honing was 0.005 millimeters and 0.003 millimeters.

Total Runout: Total runout measures the amount of radial movement in the bore during rotation. The required specification for total runout was 0.005 millimeters, and the achieved total runout was not provided (-) for the first case, and 0.003 millimeters for the second case.

Surface Finish:Surface finish refers to the quality of the surface texture after machining. The required surface finish was 0.4 Ra (roughness average), and the achieved surface finish was 0.3 Ra, indicating a smoother surface than required.

Abhi’s tool is suitable for both soften and harden material components.

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