Horizontal Honing Machine Abh 450

Horizontal Honing Machine Abh 450

5 June, 2023

Our horizontal honing machine stands out with its advanced features and in-house made accessories. Here’s a closer look at what makes our machine unique.

Key Features:

Complete Servo Control: Our machine is entirely servo-controlled, managing spindle rotation, expansion, and stroke with precision.

User-Friendly HMI: Speed variation, stroke speed variation, and expansion size can all be controlled through HMI.

Low Power Consumption: Designed to be energy-efficient, our machine ensures minimal power usage.

Auto Lubricant System: The built-in auto lubricant system maintains optimal performance with minimal maintenance.

Efficient Filtration: Our cartridge-type filtration system filters oil up to 5 microns, ensuring clean and efficient operation.

Compact Design: The machine is low in height and very compact.

Optional Integration: Measuring System will be added in the machine (optional)

In our machine, we use various components like sleeves, bushings, and yokes. Below, we’ll see how the yoke works.

The Yoke Honing Process

Material 535c Steel Hardness 18-24 HRC
Bore Type Through Bore Stock Removal 0.12 mm
Diameter Ø15 (+0.000/+0.018) Length 52mm
Input Size Ø14.992 Output Size Ø15.010
Cycle Time 40Sec/2 Nos

Dual Component Honing: The yoke honing process allows honing for two components simultaneously.

Achieve Perfect Size with Automatic Sizing System: Once the required size is achieved, the automatic system ensures precision and retracts, there is no need for manual tool adjustment.

Additional Benefits

In-House Accessories: We supply all necessary accessories made in- house.

Global Support: Our team provides online assistance to support our customers worldwide, helping to resolve issues quickly.

Our horizontal honing machine, with its advanced servo control, efficient features, and global support, is designed to meet the demanding needs of high-precision machining. Our machine is the ideal solution for your production requirements.

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